How Does PATC Resources Work?

PATC Resources is a more convenient way to access the classroom materials you may receive as part of your classroom registration.



1. Register for a PATC classroom training, you can view the current classroom training schedule here.

2. Once you have attended the course, you will receive the associated password for that class.

3. Access the PATC Resources website and locate the Classes link. You will see the various topics your  class may be under. Select the appropriate category and find your class.

⇒TIP: Can’t find your class in the category listing? Try searching here. Still can’t find your class? View the FAQ section.

4. Once you have clicked through to your class, you will be redirected to a Dropbox page that will request a password for access.

5. Type in the password you were provided and submit. You should now have access to the various informational materials that come with your registration!

⇒TIP: When you access the materials, save these to your computer so you have them for future reference! There is a download button at the top of the Dropbox page to download as .Zip file that will package all the materials for you to the location you specify on your computer. The password will only work for a limited time.